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Kanad Institute of Engineering & Management

This college has been named on the great Mathematician "KANAD", in 2008 with a vision to promote technical Education.

Sage Kanad (600 BC) is recognized as the founder of Atomic Theory and classified all the objectives of creation into 9 elements (Earth, Water, Light of Five, Wind, Ether, Time, Space, Mind and Soul). He stated that every object in creation is made up of atoms that in turn connect with each other to form molecules nearly 2,500 years before John Delton.

The college takes pride in being situated in the vicinity of Dr. B.C.Roy's dream. "Durgapur Industrial Complex" and the subsequent efforts in bringing about a social change that took place in the "Jungle Mahal" at Mankar in line with Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's Viswabharati at Shantiniketan. Our little endeavour to develop further infrastructure in adding skills of highest profile required for our country will certainly be recognized by the ailing industrial sector. This will enable us to instill a competitive edge at global level so as to make the concept of "VASUDHAIV AKUTUMBAKAM", i.e. , "Earth is one country and mankind of its citizen" a meaningful note.Mr. Pradip Agasty, Chairman of the Trust is a multidimensional personality with vast experience in the field of Technology and holds varied portfolios, Ex. General Secretary of Durgapur Small Scale Industries Association and Ex. Officer of Punjab National Bank. He has tried to fulfill the desire and aspirations of the people in this locality, by virtue of being Chairman cum settler of our Institute. His achievement during last seven years from the birth of "Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering & Management Durgapur" and a consistent placement of its students has given a different edge over other Institutes in West Bengal.

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